Thursday, May 24, 2012

No-Doz 20 Year Reunion

What an amazing time! Click here for a complete recap of the event with captured video.

"The event everyone is talking about this summer is finally here! Who's going to attend the No-Doz 20 Year Reunion on June 30th? Relive oldschool rave history with DJ's Ron D Core, DJ Dan, Barry Weaver, R.A.W., DJ Robin, Mellinfunk, Fester, E-Zone, Oscar Da Grouch, Machete, CRS?, Mordrum, APX-1, Slyten & Remo! Tickets are on sale now @ Dr. Freecloud's & TicketMaster." This will a 18+ event with valid ID and you can also purchase tickets here.
Click here for more info.

Hi Roots

 Hi Roots is heading up to San Francisco! Go see them live and stay updated on their facebook page!

They also have a new single out called "Gone" :

Friday, May 18, 2012

At The Skylines

At The Skylines is having their record release party right now at Chain Reaction in Anaheim! Tomorrow/Saturday they will be having a live chat on Ustream (click here) at 4pm EST.
You can currently get their newest album, "The Secrets To Life" at a Hot Topic near you!
Click here and here to stay updated on facebook and twitter.

Friday, May 11, 2012

No For An Answer

Orange County's premier hardcore punk band, "No For An Answer" from the late 1980's is back! They are currently touring and you can see the Revelation Records 25th Year Anniversary schedule by clicking here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Big Draw

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month Digitalcasm presents THE BIG DRAW featuring a number of artists including you!

As you begin your entrance into the underground bar, a table lay before you with a canvas on which you may freely share your vision of visual aesthetics. If you would like to attend this event, here is the event page for this Wednesday!

Jason Lynch and Rodney Sellars, will be showing and selling some of their rad work + shwag. Extended DJ set by Digitalcasm, and special guest sets by DJ Skip Breakfast. So Grab your sketchbooks and your drink money and plop both down at The Copper Door May 9th!

Jason Lynch

Rodney Sellars

The Copper Door is located just below "Chapter One" in Santa Ana. Make your way around the corner and you'll see a staircase.

As you make your way down the stairs, a friendly group of people are here to greet you.

On the table is a blank canvas for you to express yourself. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Eric Hodges

They featured Noel Madrid last week, April 11th. Drawing on futurist and expressionist tradiation, his works deal with varios ways of fracturing the observed landscape. 

Duvinx on the piano.
Digitalcasm providing music all night!
Check out the blog of Digitalcasm and join us this Wednesday! 

Official event info from April:


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