Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday Throwdown (Like nothing else: You're in the band!)

Founded in 2008, Thursday Throwdown is all about Community Outreach Through Music. If you can play an instrument, show up and jam! Be a part of the band!

"Just bring your instrument and an amp (or whatever you need to make it heard) and we will provide the rest. We also strongly urge people to let us know of any music they would like to play at our sessions--original or cover songs."

They even take requests. Just send them an e-mail. Visit their website.
Sometimes the facebook site has the wrong dates, so make sure you visit the website for the correct meeting time and day. They just recently moved to Saturdays.
"As a community where the only necessary common interest is a love of music, Thursday Throwdown is a great place for people from all types of musical backgrounds to share insight with one another--to inspire, teach, learn, network, and of course, jam! If you are reading this message, and you have any kind of background in music--whether it be singing, playing an instrument, recording, music editing, or if you've listened to Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti a thousand times in a row--you have felt an urge to share your experience with other people. Well, we've all felt it. And if you have yet to give in to this urge, now is the time!! We want to help!"

"Our goal is to provide a creative outlet for people who have musical ideas or talents, but no one to connect with. We are here so that you can have a space and forum to bounce your ideas off. A passion and willingness to play music with others is all that you need. It's time spread sheer joy of music throughout our community in the best way we know how--playing it!!"

Mission: "The goal of Thursday Throwdowns is to create a fellowship of musicians in which people of all backgrounds gather together to share their love of music. Thursday Throwdowns provides the Southern California community with a creative outlet for musicians through the arts of jamming and improvisation, while also focusing on teaching, learning, and discussion, encouraging both personal and interpersonal growth."

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