Friday, February 21, 2014

LIVE from the SNEWDIO episode 8 : "Fossil Fuel" SNEW

hIPNOSTIC and SNEW Unleashed! Check out "LIVE from the SNEWDIO" episode 8 : "Fossil Fuel" SNEW is joined by Blake Hastings and Rob Swanson from hIPNOSTIC.

SNEW, along with Blake and Rob perform the songs "We Do What We Want" and the T-Rex classic "20th Century Boy." Don't miss the "Triple Axe Attack" of Hastings, Lux and Spickle!

Chris Jakostiz hosts the SNEW Round-table chat where all things hIPNOSTIC are discussed along with monster movies and favorite album covers.

Matt Jakostiz reviews the album by T-Rex and the Snew Bee searches the Snewdio kitchen for food and water. Check out this fast paced, very entertaining episode!

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