Friday, March 28, 2014

Vie Jester from LA

Vie Jester is a Los Angeles modern hard rock power trio that recently released their new EP entitled CogniSense!

"Heavy and harmonious electric riffs, melodic vocal harmonies, and progressive grooves create the massive sound that is Vie Jester. Generating comparisons to monster rock groups such as Tool and Alice In Chains, this L.A. based band brings forth a unique and ambitious take on three piece rock music. Inspired by socially important issues and esoteric teachings, they vie to incorporate important messages within their lyrics. Vie Jester: a modern power trio that flexes the artistic side of hard rock.

While embracing music technicality, the group has a powerful in-your-face sound but can easily switch it up on tracks to a clean and mellow tone that still carries a heavy rocking weight. Raised in The City of Angels county, guitarist and lead vocalist Kyle E. Guerrero, and drummer/back-up vocalist Cliff C. Conway, have been playing music together since they were very young. Both come from families who, as far back as they can remember, raised them on a healthy dose of classic music of all genres. As they grew older, they gravitated toward heavy and aggresive music. Their passion of studying their instruments and song writing was paralelled by their constant persuit of truth in a world filled with disinformation. They are always seeking new sources of information to empower and inspire them. These ideas can be heard spewing through the layers of their sound.

The members of VJ have spent years honing their craft, constantly evolving their sound to reach its full potential. They came closer to their mark on their first nationally released recording, Cognisense. A solid sounding display with heavy, progressive, and alternative imprints. The E.P. is a preview of what these art rockers are headed for with a full length album coming next. With their latest addition to the band, bassist Angie V. Gonzales, look out soon for these Jesters to be Vying in the rat race near you."

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