Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paradise In Exile

Next live show is May 30th at the House of Blues in Hollywood!


A change of pace calls for metal music. An immediate shift into overdrive calls for Paradise In Exile. Based in Fullerton California, Paradise In Exile (PIE for short) blends progressive brutality and aesthetic atmosphere in a way that has never been heard before. Not only does PIE aim for unique sound, they also seek to perform in a style separate from the expected. Sound and visuals can be traced to guitarist Kurt Hessian. Odd musical timings and even more odd stage spontaneity are his specialty.

Next to Kurt, also on guitar, is Collin Haase. Collin, a classic rock fanatic, puts his own groove into intricate riffs and high energy performance. With percussion in his bones, Jon Royer uses his sixth sense of drumming to propel PIE's sound to the heaviness and fluidness that is required to melt faces. Jon, bound to his drumming throne, will still match the rest of the band's energy. Next, putting the heart-shaking low sound in their music, is Stephen Pickering. Stephen can usually be seen jamming on stage with classic head-bangs.

Last, providing aggressive vocals, is Nick Gorman. Every song screamed is a roller coaster of pitch and style, wound together with bizarre rants. You will find Nick rocking-out on and even off stage. Paradise In Exile is dedicated to inspire and entertain their audience and fans. Music is their inspiration and entertainment too! Are you hungry for PIE?

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